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Tuesday September 6, 2022

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

Bonfire eSourcing software

Presented by: Bonfire

Bonfire Strategic Sourcing Software Streamlines the bid and RFP process for over 500 public and private sector clients-including 30+ gas and utilities organizations across North America. This includes Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC), the largest electrical cooperative in the United States. PEC implemented Bonfire to bring their paper and email processes into one centralized, online platform.

Join Bonfire's Ian Roberts as he walks through the PEC case study and the Bonfire Strategic Sourcing Software Platform. He'll discuss:

  • How to source new vendors and diversify your vendor pool to overcome supply chain issues
  • How in-app transparency and audit trails enable compliance while reducing RFx cycle times
  • How PEC grew the volume of RFPs by overy 150% after implementing Bonfire, leading to significant cost savings and reduced contract risk
If you ever felt like the sourcing process was due for a refresh, we invite you to join us for this session to learn more.


GOVAC FLEX - Pipeline Evacuation System

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Presented by: Onboard Dynamics

Capture and Recover Natural Gas from Pipelines During Blowdowns with the GoVACTM FLEX Presented by: Rick Kay, COO of Onboard Dynamics LLC

The GoVACTM FLEX is a revolutionary tool for minimizing methane releases during pipeline blowdowns. It is a complete self-contained pipeline evacuation system that can transfer recovered natural gas to either an adjacent pipeline or compress the gas to 3600 PSI for use elsewhere as a CNG fuel. It is powered by a small portion of the natural gas being recovered, so no external power is required. Its compact size facilitates transport and positioning at job sites. Remote monitoring ensures reliable operation and responsive service. State-of-the-art telemetry provides accurate and detailed environmental reporting. The GoVACTM FLEX is part of a growing family of sustainability products from Onboard Dynamics to support the natural gas ecosystem.

During this session, learn how the GoVACTM FLEX enables operators to take the lead in incorporating best practices of capture and recovery of natural gas during pipeline evacuations while also offering these benefits:

  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to set up and deploy.
  • Safe and compliant.
  • Fully automated.
  • Fast and efficient from beginning to end.

Benefits such as these will help the natural gas industry keep the natural gas pipeline infrastructure well maintained while mitigating methane emissions.

The goal of Onboard Dynamics is to support the natural gas ecosystem in reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions safely and reliably through our innovative and practical commercial solutions. Our patented, compression-based systems minimize methane and other GHG releases during pipeline operations and maintenance, mitigate GHG emissions from transportation vehicles, and capture methane that would otherwise be released to the atmosphere from other industrial operations. Our customers receive expanded environmental benefits and reduction in costs through purchasing, leasing, and/or receiving turn-key services from our natural gas-powered products.

NGA has teamed up with Onboard Dynamics to provide this demonstration and training opportunity at no cost to you! Please forward this email to colleagues you believe may benefit from participating.

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Trimble Unity for Gas: Close Isn't Good Enough

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

Presented by: Trimble & Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania

Trimble Unity is an end-to-end application that pairs with our worldwide leading GNSS technologies to deliver a total solution and toolset for natural gas utility operators to meet tracking and traceability regulatory requirements while standardizing and optimizing field data collection processes and data quality captured by crews and contractors. With Trimble Unity, natural gas operators and their contractors can easily configure field forms within and assign data collection Work Orders to crews, internal and contractors, to consistently capture tracking and traceability information from scanning new barcode formats on plastic pipe (mains and services), fittings and valves to capturing operator qualifications, photos, signatures, and metadata for each natural gas distribution component. Trimble Unity also supports Trimble high-accuracy GNSS receivers to meet location accuracy requirements of up to 1 centimeter. As a result, field crews and contractors can capture tracking and traceability information to support regulatory reporting requirements with compliance data that is traceable, verifiable, and defensible.

During this session, discover how Trimble Unity and the total Trimble solution is helping Nisource/Columbia Gas and their contractors solve the Tracking & Traceability challenge and supporting other field data collection needs:

  • Meet regulatory requirements with compliance data that is traceable and verifiable
  • Reduce risk with system data that is traceable and verifiable
  • Support Tracking & Traceability and OQ barcodes
  • Eliminate inefficient paper-based workflows
  • Enable construction crews to simply and intuitively capture high accuracy GPS data for Open Trench work orders
  • Deploy smart forms with built-in validations and requirements to reduce data entry errors
  • Capture and record buried infrastructure locations/depths

Trimble Utilities, a division of Trimble, Inc, provides digital asset and infrastructure lifecycle management solutions for electric, gas, district heating, communications and water utilities and local governments. Through a broad portfolio of cloud software, IoT and mobile solutions, Trimble empowers utilities with accurate data defining the digital twin as well as predictive model capabilities and analytics. These solutions enable optimal asset management and allow our customers to achieve resilient and sustainable utility networks and communities. Close simply is not good enough anymore.

NGA has teamed up with Trimble Utilities to provide this demonstration and training opportunity at no cost to you! Please forward this email to colleagues you believe may benefit from participating.

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