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NGA OQ Program: Telephone Support (critical)

Telephone Support - Critical Onsite Test Issues Only:

NGA is providing live service desk capability where customers can call for support of real time critical onsite testing issues they may experience.

Below is a list of typical issues that would require NGA Qualification Service Desk telephone support. Examples:
    - Test Resets
    - Locked out of Exam
    - Frozen Exam
    - Username and Password not working during exam
    - Forgot Username and Password (Examinees and Evaluators)
    - Tablet Issues
    - Technical Issues (PC/connectivity problems)
    - Clicked on training accidentally within 48 hours of testing the associated exam
Telephone Support Hours:

Monday through Friday: 7:00AM ET - 7:00PM ET excluding holidays

Saturday: 7AM ET - 2:00PM ET

Telephone Number:

Please call NGA at 781-455-6800; then press Extension 2