Regulatory Filings and Testimony

NGA comments to NYS Public Service Commission re: Case 20-G-0560, 6-4-2021

NGA comments to MA DPU re: 21-04, Use of Professional Engineers, 4-15-2021

NGA Initial Brief in response to FERC Paper Briefing on Weymouth Compressor Station, 4-5-2021

NGA comments to MA EEA re: Interim Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2030, 3-22-2021

NGA Joint Comments to PHMSA re: OQ FAQs, 2-15-2021

NGA comments to MA Dept. of Energy Resources re: APS Review, 12-4-20

NGA comments to MA Legislative Conference Committee on climate policy proposals, 10-14-20

NGA comments to the Maine Public Utilities Commission on behalf of the Maine Gas LDCs regarding Docket No. 2019-00029, 7-17-2020 (pdf)

NGA testimony on gas pipeline safety, MA Legislature's Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, June 1, 2020 (pdf)

NGA comments to New York State Public Service Commission re: Case 20-G-0140, 3-23-2020 [pdf]

NGA comments to Connecticut Legislature's Joint Committee on Energy & Technology re: H.B. 5350, 3-5-20 [pdf]

NGA comments to New York State Public Service Commission re: CASE 19-G-0182, 3-2-2020 [pdf]

NGA comments at Public Hearing on Proposed Ban on New Gas Infrastructure, Cambridge City Council Ordinance Committee, Cambridge, MA, 12-11-19

NGA Comments to MA DPU re: PE Straw Proposal, 11-4-19

NGA letter to the Governor of NY re: natural gas supplies and infrastructure for downstate NY and Long Island, 7-10-19

NGA and NY LDCs' Joint Comments to NYS DPS re: OQ White Paper, 5-28-19 [pdf]

NGA reply comments to MA DPU re: DPU 19-34 on the PE Inquiry, 5-2-19

NGA comments to MA DEP, re: Clean Energy Standard (CES) regulation, 3-28-19

NGA Comments to Maine Legislature's Energy Committee on carbon pricing, L.D. 434, 2-28-19