NGA PSMS Workshop Series, June 2020

NGA's PSMS Workshop Series
Pipeline Safety Management System
Operationalization of Strategy

NGA's Pipeline Safety Management Systems collaborative has developed new tools and strategies to assist companies with continuous improvements in their PSMS Program. NGA has developed a virtual Workshop Series for June 2020 to share these new developments.

This workshop will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays in June from 10:00 AM - 11:30 - ET, for two weeks. (June 16/18, June 23/25)

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Join NGA and The Blacksmith Group in this PSMS Workshop Series to discuss and learn this unique approach to practical implementation of PSMS strategy and the transformational thinking needed for PSMS operationalization.

The Workshop Series includes the following topic areas:

  • 1. Balancing Strategic & Tactical Approaches to Meaningful Implementation

  • 2. The Blacksmith Build-On Philosophy and Collaborative True Learning

  • 3. PSMS Tactical Guides and Engagement Tools

  • 4. PSMS Sustainability and Safety Culture Transformation

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