Professional Development / Leadership Training

An NGA Program Offering Four Two-Day Classes on Management and Industry Topics

The Northeast Gas Association (NGA) organizes a yearlong professional development program called "Leadership in Tomorrow's Utility."

Our 2020 program was intended to run from March/April until November 2020. It was fully subscribed. However, the COVID-19 pandemic required us to postpone our planned program.

As of December 2020, with the continued uncertainty of the public health situation, the 2021 program is also on hold. We will be assessing the public health situation in early 2021 to see if an in-person program is feasible, or whether we should redesign the program as a series of webinars.

This program consists of four quarterly two-day workshops with limited enrollment to ensure a highly interactive learning experience. If you are a mid- to upper-level manager in the increasingly competitive Northeast energy industry who is looking to become a more effective leader, this program has been developed specifically for you. Featuring industry executives, college professors and management consultants, the workshops offer a variety of sessions that seek to impart essential leadership skills and diverse industry knowledge.

Participants at the "Leadership in Tomorrow's Utility" program learn to:
  • Become more adept at building and leading teams
  • Be an efficient project manager
  • Be a better communicator and negotiator
  • Know how to resolve conflicts
  • Be an effective motivator and leader.

Attendees also gain additional knowledge and an enhanced understanding of the trends and conditions impacting the Northeast energy industry. Finally, you'll join a network of industry executives with similar responsibilities and a shared desire to succeed.

For further information, please contact Steve Leahy ([NGA CONTENT])