Job Opportunities

NEUCO: Supervisor, Training & Compliance, 6-18-19

Iroquois Pipeline: Engineer, Compression, 6-13-19

Eversource: Project Engineer, Gas Policy & Compliance, 6-11-19

Eversource Energy, several job openings, 6-12-19:

    1. Waterbury LNG Plant Superintendent, Waterbury, CT: Apply Here

    2. Quality Control Specialist (Gas Distribution), Berlin, CT: Apply Here

    3. Engineer, Gas Engineering, Southborough, MA: Apply Here

    4. Engineer, Gas Engineering, Berlin, CT: Apply Here

    5. Senior Engineer, Gas SCADA, Primary location Southborough, MA; other location Waterbury, CT: Apply Here

    6. Supervisor, Gas Supply Instrumentation & Regulation, Somerville, MA: Apply Here

    7.Manager, Project Management, Gas Operations (ARP and GSEP), Berlin CT, Southborough, MA: Apply Here

    8. Gas Field Operations Supervisor (Construction - New Bedford), New Bedford, Hyde Park, Somerville - MA: Apply Here

    9. Planner, Gas Operations, New Bedford & Plymouth - MA: Apply Here

    10. Supervisor Gas Meter Services, Somerville, MA: Apply Here

    11. Gas Field Operations Supervisor (Construction- Southborough), Southborough & Worcester - MA: Apply Here

    12. Supervisor Gas Meter Services, Plymouth & New Bedford - MA: Apply Here

    13. Supervisor Gas Field Operations (SHIFT WORK), Somerville & Hyde Park - MA: Apply Here

    14. Gas Operations Performance Analyst, Southborough, MA & Berlin, CT: Apply Here

    15. Manager, Gas Operations Performance and Long-term Planning, Southborough, MA & Berlin, CT: Apply Here

    16. Project Manager, Gas Operations, Berlin, CT: Apply Here

    17. Director of Gas Construction, Southborough, MA: Apply Here

NGA: Events and Committees Coordinator, 5-23-19

Iroquois Pipeline: External Communications Specialist, 5-21-19

Holyoke Gas & Electric: Senior Gas Engineer, 5-14-19

Eversource: Project Engineer, Gas System Planning (MA PE License Preferred), Southborough, MA, 5-13-19

Unitil, Gas Controller, 5-3-19

Unitil, Gas Engineer, 5-3-19

Unitil, Senior Integrity Management & Pipeline Safety Analyst, 5-3-19

Iroquois Pipeline: Field Operations Technician, Long Island, 4-29-19

Northeast Gas Association: Staff Engineer, 4-18-19

Northeast Gas Association: Evaluators & Trainers