LNG/LP Fire Safety Training Course


You have the option of registering online or simply filling out a pdf of the registration form and returning it to NGA.

1. Online Registration (current users of NGA's online system)

If you already have a login and password for the NGA site, you can register online right now.

After you login, click on the left side on the tab for "Online Store." Look for the link for the 2013 LNG class that you want to attend. Select the "Attendee" category. Continue registering from there by going through the "shopping cart" registration.

Please note: When you get to the end of the registration process and have entered your credit card information, hit the "Submit Order" button. Be sure to hit this button only once. You will receive a confirmation within the hour of your registration; if you do not, please contact NGA at esitte@northeastgas.org regarding your registration status.

Go to the login page here.

2. Online Registration (not a current user of NGA's online system)

If you are not yet registered with NGA for online access, click here to fill out the online "Individual Database Profile" form. Complete the form online and hit the "Submit" button. NGA will contact you once you are entered in our database with a login and password for future access.

If you have any questions about registering, please contact Eileen Sitte of NGA at: