Gas Quality & Interchangeability Virtual Workshop for March 14th & 15th, 2024

Gas Quality & Interchangeability Virtual Workshop

Fundamentals of Gas Quality Management for LDC Operations March 14 & 15, 2024 1pm-4pm EST

Pipeline natural gas is not only comprised of methane, but a complex mixture of hydrocarbon and inert gases, sulfur compounds, moisture and other trace constituents and contaminants. Today, as the gas industry explores options for sustainable pipeline infrastructure utilization in a carbon constrained environment, hydrogen is being considered for introduction into the pipeline network along with renewable natural gas (RNG). These supplemental gases can differ from traditional geological supplies which has renewed recognition of the need to better understand the potential chemical and utilization impacts of these supplies on pipeline operations and end-use. This Workshop is designed to inform pipeline and RNG engineering and operations personnel alike in the fundamentals of gas quality and interchangeability and to apply these principles to our alternate supply future.

The Northeast Gas Association working with etaPartners and the Renewable Natural Gas Coalition is pleased to bring the gas industry stakeholders and government regulators a comprehensive two day, 7-hour Technical Workshop, drawing upon the expertise of two of our industries foremost leaders in gas quality and interchangeability. The Workshop framework includes:

Day 1:

  • The History of Gas Quality & Interchangeability.
    Learning from our Past to Build the Future
  • Understanding Natural Gas Constituents & Properties
  • The Chemistry of Low-Carbon Transitional Fuels - HENG & RNG
  • Focused Approach to Understanding & Applying Concepts of Gas Interchangeability

Day 2:

  • Understanding Potential Pipeline System Impacts Related to Gas Quality
  • Tariffs, Contracts & Interconnect Agreements
  • Monitoring Gas Quality
  • Developing & Implementing a Gas Quality Management Plan

Join NGA and etaPartners to explore gas quality fundamentals and how to reasonably and rationally apply these principles in day-to-day pipeline operations.

Our speakers include:

Chuck Benson is the managing partner of etaPartners LLC. For 30 years he has served as an advisor to the natural gas industry on the interchangeability of gas supplies. He has assisted local distribution companies, pipeline operators, and energy suppliers with the distribution and utilization of new gas supplies (e.g., imported liquefied natural gas, shale gas, bio-derived gas, and hydrogen blends). For the Northeast Gas Association, he led a team that developed the NYSEARCH RANGETM interchangeability model. Mr. Benson served on the Steering Committee for a renewable natural gas assessment project conducted by the California Council on Science and Technology.

Prior positions that Mr. Benson has held include engineering roles at Pratt & Whitney and Exxon Research & Engineering Co, Vice President at Arthur D. Little Inc., Energy & Transportation Technology Sector Leader at TIAX LLC, and Principal at ENVIRON International Corp. For 20 years he served as an officer of the American Flame Research Committee. He currently serves on the Executive Committee and Council of the International Flame Research Foundation.

Mr. Benson earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University and a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida.

Robert Wilson is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of natural gas quality management, RNG introduction to pipelines, forensic analysis of gases and odorization. Mr. Wilson has over 39 years of experience in LDC gas operations, codes, standards, and pipeline safety management, LNG/SNG operations, landfill gas recovery, and interchangeability of gases. Mr. Wilson has served as the leader of natural gas industry teams and ad hoc committees including NGA's Interconnect Guide for Emerging Fuels into Energy Delivery Networks, The AGA Gas Quality Management Manual, AGA Odorization Manual, AGA Report 4A, AGA Purging Manual, NGC+ Interchangeability White Paper, Mr. Wilson has presented on gas quality issues and solutions throughout the country at over 100 events throughout his career at National Grid before retiring in 2017 to join NGA.

Mr. Wilson earned his Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo.

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