José M. Costa, President & CEO
Nancy Allan, Staff Accountant
Paul Armstrong, Vice President, Operations
Brenda Bedarian, Director of Finance and Controller
Alana Daly, Vice President, Communications & Public Policy
Adam Day, Director, Training & Qualification Services
Darcy Flynn, Qualification Program Specialist
Michael Gallinaro, Director, Pipeline Safety Management Systems
David Grande, Staff Engineer
Steve Henry, Manager, Operations Programs
Molly Jones, OQ Program Coordinator
Kayla Muldoon, Qualification & Training Coordinator
Eileen Sitte, Director, HR, Member Services and Events
Bob Wilson, Vice President, Special Projects

Staff contact information, NGA Needham office [pdf]

Daphne D'Zurko, Executive Director, NYSEARCH, and Vice President, RD&D, NGA
Andrew Bitar, Project Manager
Wendy Hansen, Assistant
Suzanne Hartwell, Project Manager
Ahra Kwon, Senior Project Manager
Joe Mallia, Senior Project Manager
Dr. George Vradis, Consultant