NGA Spring Operations Conference, April 20 & 21, 2022

Lauren Toczylowski, Con Edison, OQ Committee Chair & Paul Armstrong, NGA, VP Training & Qualification Services: "New York OQ Final Rule" [pdf]

David Grande, Northeast Gas Association: Methane Emissions Reduction Update" [pdf]

Josie Long, P-PIC & Christiane Spitzmueller, UofH: "The Journey of Strengthening Safety Culture" [pdf]

Rich Winney, Operations Manager, National Fuel Gas: "NFG Transfer of Knowledge Programs" [pdf]

Jerry Amato, Central Hudson Gas & Electric: "Hiring in a Tight Labor Market" [pdf]

Keith L. Henderson, Peco, Workforce Development: "Peco Helper Pre-Apprenticeship Program" [pdf]

Christopher Chen, New Jersey Resources, "Howell Power to Gas Project" [pdf]

VGS: "RNG and Decarbonization" [pdf]

National Grid: "Clean Heat" [pdf]

Eversource: "Leak Management & Significantly Environmental Grade 3 Leaks" [pdf]

Eversource: "Geothermal Pilot Project" [pdf]

Johan Wictor, Pergam Technical Services, "Alma Aerial Leak Detection" [pdf]

Karen Crippen, GTI, "What You Should Know About Odor Fade and Pickling" [pdf]

Bob Wilson, Northeast Gas Association & Rick Trieste, Con Edison: "The Future of Residential Fuel Gas Detection" [pdf]

April McIver, Esq., Executive Director Plumbing Foundation City of New York & Lauren Toczylowski, Project Manager, Gas Regulatory Programs, Con Edison: "NYC Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) Interior Gas Piping Safety Inspection & Connections Operator Qualification" [pdf]

Paul Pirro, PSE&G Gas T&D Engineering: "Hurricane Ida Impact & Lessons Learned" [pdf]

Alnoor Ebrahim, Southern Cross, Director Product and Strategy: "Advanced Leak Detection and Emissions Quantification" [pdf]