NGA Gas Operations School Presentations

John R Anderson & Christina Rushworth, Emerson: Multilevel Approach for OPP, Monitoring, and Control at District Stations [pdf]

Bob Bennett, Honeywell: Meter Sizing and Selection [pdf]

Scott Crocker, Vermont Gas Systems: Meter Installation [pdf]

Maria Diaz, New Jersey Resources: Damage Prevention, A Shared Responsibility [pdf]

Ed Easley: Weld Program Overview [pdf]

Tom Fournier, RH White: Excavation Safety & Utility Avaidance [pdf]

John "Jay" Gamble, Jr.: Project Management Fundamentals [pdf]

Liz Gillick, ULC Robotics: Utility Technology Update [pdf]

John Gorham, Mulcare Pipeline Solutions: SONIX IQ The Future of Residential Gas Metering [pdf]

Mark Gunsalus, Driver Safety Tools & Technology [pdf]

Steven Joslyn & Gene Cote, Upsco: Plastic Pipe Joining for first timers [pdf]

Scott Kranstuber & Dan Rosinski, Sensit Technologies: Innovative Detection Solutions [pdf]

Eric Kumar: Comprehensive and Dependable Design Technology [pdf]

Paul Lamb: Polyethylene 101 [pdf]

Scott Laplante, Mulcare Pipeline Solutions: Controlling and Monitoring Gas Pressures and Flows [pdf]

Tim Lonergan, Eversource: Tapping & Stopping Steel & CI Pipe [pdf]

Wesley Lucas, MRR: Pickling a new natural gas pipeline [pdf]

James Mullowney: Carbon Monoxide Hazards and Response [pdf]

Robert Perless & Christopher Stutz: "Everything you wanted to know about building a pipeline to get gas to market, but were afraid to ask..." [pdf]

Shane Quackenbush, Liberty Sales & Distribution, LLC: Basics of Field Applied Coatings [pdf]

George Ragula, Progressive Pipeline Mgt.: Trenchless for Gas Infrastructure [pdf]

Kevn Singleton, Honeywell: Permasert [pdf]

Dirk Smith, Ionix Gas Technologies: Static electricity in gas O&M operations Hazards and Controls [pdf]

Eric Soderman, Eversource: Natural Gas Markets, Prices and Happenings [pdf]

Brad Thomas, Heath Consultants Incorporated: Incident Investigation for the First Responder [pdf]

Nick Torkildsen, Mulcare Pipeline Solutions: Innovative Technologies [pdf]

Bob Wilson, Northeast Gas Association: NGA Collaborative Approach to PSMS RP 1173 Implementation [pdf]

Tim Woycik, National Grid: Pandemic Response [pdf]

David G. Zak, Aegis: Overview of Incident Investigation [pdf]