NGA Fall Operations Conference, October 17-18, 2019

Karl Baker (Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection): "Pipeline Safety" [pdf]

Mark Baldovin (Con Edison): "Gas Safety Training & Operator Qualification of Licensed Master Plumbers" [pdf]

Don Cordone (National Grid): "Gas QA/QC Approach to Inspector Training" [pdf]

Jose Costa (Northeast Gas Association): "Massachusetts Damage Prevention Regulations" [pdf]

Jose Costa (Northeast Gas Association): "Lessons Learned Natural Gas Incidents" [pdf]

Eric Cowan (G2 Integrated Solutions, LLC): [pdf]

Dan Dessanti (Northeast Gas Association)/Bob Wilson (Northeast Gas Association): "A Process for 'Getting to Yes'" [pdf]

Mark Dupuis (Unitil): "Over-Pressurization Control Strategy" [pdf]

John Fiume, (National Grid): "How do You Determine the Effectiveness of Your Locating Program" [pdf]

Mike Gallinaro, (Northeast Gas Association): "How to Operationalize a Pipeline Safety Management System" [pdf]

Joe Medina (GTS): "GTS Regulator Stations Review Program™" [pdf]

Kathy Nelson (Ondas Networks): "Connectivity Solutions for Mission Critical IoT" [pdf]

Joshua O'Neill (Orange & Rockland): "Employee Wellness" [pdf]

Tim Sullivan (National Grid)/Brian Ribeiro, (IDEAS Agency): "Utilizing Social Media and Digital Tools Effectively to Increase Damage Prevention Awareness" [pdf]

Rick Trieste (Consolidated Edison Company of NY): "AMI Capable Natural Gas Detector" [pdf]

Ed White (field2base)/David Poore (Norwich Public Utilities): "Implementing A Digital Inspection Program" [pdf]

Bob Wilson (Northeast Gas Association): "Connecting Quality Management & Safety Management Systems" [pdf]