2013-14 Filings and Testimony

NGA comments on MA DOER low demand analysis, 12-22-14 [pdf]

NGA comments on U.S. EPA's "Clean Power Plan Proposal," 12-1-14 [pdf]

NGA Comments to NYS PSC RE: Case 14-G0357-Proposed Rulemaking with regard to Revising 16 NYCRR Gas Safety Regulations, 11-10-14 [pdf]

NGA Comments on feasibility analysis for MA DOER low demand study, 11-4-14 [pdf]

NGA Comments on MA DOER low demand study, 10-20-14 [pdf]

NGA letter to U.S. EPA re: proposed general dewatering permit, 8-18-14 [pdf]

Comments of NGA and Maine natural gas utilities on Maine's Comprehensive Energy Plan Update, 8-13-14 [pdf]

NGA comments on U.S. Dept. of Energy's Quadrennial Energy Review, 6-14 [pdf]

NGA Comments to NYS Energy Planning Board on Draft New York State Energy Plan, 5-30-14 [pdf]

NGA Collaborative Report Letter to NYS DPS, Case 11-G-0565, 5-20-14 [pdf]

Joint comments of New England Gas Industry to FERC, Docket ER14-0500, 2-12-14 [pdf]

NGA Letter to NESCOE on New England Governors' Initiative, 2-10-14 [pdf]

New England Gas Industry Joint Comment to NESCOE on Pipeline Capacity, 2-10-14 [pdf]

NGA comments to NY DEC regarding "Proposed 6 NYCRR Part 570", 11-26-13 [pdf]

NGA Comments to NESCOE on Phase III Gas-Electric Report, 10-16-13 [pdf]

Joint Comments of New England Natural Gas Industry re: FERC NOPR on Gas-Electric Communications, 8-26-13 [pdf]

NGA Comments to MA Committee Co-Chairs re: Gas Meter Bill, 7-3-13 [pdf]

Kiley remarks, MA Legislative Hearing on Natural Gas Infrastructure & Safety, 6-11-13 [pdf]

NGA comments in NY DPS Proceeding on Expansion of Natural Gas Service in NY, 3-11-13 [pdf]