Associate Members (as of 12/17)

A.G.I. Construction, Inc.
AB Environmental
A.J. Indusi Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Abenaqui Carriers
Able Tool & Equipment, LLC
AccuWeld Technologies Inc.
Advance Engineering Corp.
AEGIS Insurance Services, Inc.
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Allegheny Contracting, LLC
Alptech Industries, Inc.
Anderson Welding LLC
APC Vacuum Excavation
Applied Inspection Services, Inc.
Applus RTD USA, Inc.
Aptus Group USA
Arden Engineering Constructors, LLC
Arnett and Burgess Pipeliners (Rockies), LLC
Asplundh Construction Corp.
Atlantic Cape Community College
Atlas Trenchless, LLC
A/Z Corporation
B&D General Contractors, Inc.
Badger Daylighting Corp.
Baker Testing Services, Inc
Balon Valve Corporation
Bancker Construction Corp.
Banks Gas Services
Barber Utilities LL
Bascom-Turner Instruments, Inc.
Bay State Piping Co., Inc.
Beacon Piping Company
BGL Asset Services, LLC
Bingham & Taylor
Biszko Contracting Corp.
BL Companies, Inc.
Blackeagle Energy Services
BMC Corp
BMC Plumbing Corp
Boilermatic Welding Industries, Inc.
Bond Bros., Inc.
Bortner Bros., Inc.
BP Energy
Brant Energy, Inc.
Brigadier Pipelines, Inc. dba Enterprise Trenchless Technologies, Inc.
Brubacher Excavating, Inc.
Burns & McDonnell
Burns Construction Company
Burrows Bros Inc.
C&G Coating
C. B. Utility Co., Inc.
C.T. Male Associates
CAC Industries, Inc
Cambridge Engineering, Inc.
Carilli's Plumbing & Heating Corp
Carlin Combustion/ Hydrolevel
CC Controlled Plumbing Co., Inc.
Celerity Consulting Group
CHA Consulting, Inc.
Champion Combustion Corp.
CHI Engineering Services, Inc.
Chicago Fitting Corp.
Cianbro Corporation
Clean Air Quality Services, Inc.
Clifty Group, LLC
Clover Corporation
Collegiate Consortium
Collins Plumbing Corp.
Concentric Energy Advisors
Consolidated Analytical Systems, Inc.
Cornerstone Energy Services, Inc.
Corrpro Companies Incorporated
Craft Division of Local 1049 Skill Improvement Fund
Creamer-Sanzari, A Joint Venture
Crown Pipeline Construction
CTX Infrastructure
W E Curling, Inc.
D & G Contractors, Inc.
DBU Construction, Inc
D.C. Rauscher, Inc.
Danella Construction Corp. of New York
DAS Construction
Davey Resource Group, A Division of The Davey Tree Expert Company
Daymark Energy Advisors
DBU Construction, Inc
DDS Utilities
Deery's Construction, Inc.
Dekatherm, Inc.
Denso North America Inc.
Robert J. Devereaux Corp.
DiFazio Industries
DRS Enterprises Inc
Dynamic Risk
E.C.I. Bldg Corp
Eagle LNG Partners
Eastcom Associates, Inc.
Eastern Testing & Inspection, Inc.
EcoElectrica, L.P.
Ecotec Solutions, Inc.
E.E. Root, LLC
Elecnor Hawkeye LLC
Elk Energy Services, LLC
Emerson Process Management
EN Engineering
Endot Industries, Inc.
ENECON Northeast APS, Inc.
Energy Control Systems, Inc.
Energy Experts International
Energy Materials and Controls, Inc.
Energy New England
Energy Solutions Center
ENERGY Worldnet, Inc.
Enviro Express Natural Gas, LLC
Environmental Construction, Inc.
Equipment Controls Company
F & G Construction Co Inc
Feeney Brothers Excavation Corp.
First Call Utility Locating, LLC
The Fishel Company
Flowserve Corp. Nordstrom Valves/Valbart Valves
Follin Flo-Controls, div. of BIG WAVE, Inc.
Frank Lill & Son, Inc.
Fraser Engineering Company, Inc.
Freeman Companies LLC
FuelCell Energy, Inc
G2 Integrated Solutions
G.J. MacNatt & Sons L.L.C.
G.P.L. Construction, Inc.
Gasline Services Company
Gaz Metro LNG
GE Oil & Gas, Dresser, Inc.
General Asphalt Paving Co
Georg Fischer Central Plastics Company
Goodman Main Stopper Mfg. Co., Inc.
Grace Industries LLC
Gray Supply Corp.
Grey-Collar Solutions
Grid One Solutions
GSJS Investments LLC
GTG Engineering Canada Inc.
GW Tatro Construction Inc
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
The Hallen Construction Co., Inc.
Hart Engineering Corporation
Heath Consultants Incorporated
Henkels & McCoy, Inc.
Henniker Directional Drilling, LLC
HMI Technical Solutions LLC
Honeoye Storage Corporation
Honeywell - Elster American Meter
Houghton Chemical Corporation
Hubbell Gas Connectors & Accessories
I.U.O.E. Local 98 Training Fund
i3 Services, Inc.
IMAC Systems, Inc.
InduMar Products Inc.
Industrial Motor Power Corporation
Industrial Training Services, Inc.
InfraSource, Inc.
Inner-Tite Corp.
Integrity Engineering PLLC
Integrity Solutions Field Services
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 15
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 478
International Union of Operating Engineers Northeast Region
Intren, LLC
IPF Plasson
Irby Utilities
Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC
ISO New England Inc.
Itron, Inc.
IUOE Local 137 Apprenticeship Fund
IUOE Local 138 Apprenticeship Fund
IUOE Local 4 Apprenticeship and Training Fund
Izbicki Contracting LLC
J&S Mechanical
JC Cannistraro
J. D. R. Unlimited Inc.
J.F. Kiely Construction Co.
J. S. Rae Welding
J-Track LLC
Jensen Hughes
John Anderson Construction, Inc.
John J. Brennan Construction Co., Inc.
Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc.
Katonah Plumbing & Heating, LLC
Keegan Werlin LLP
Kerr Engineered Sales Co.
King-Gage Engineering Corp.
Kline Construction Company, Inc.
Kudlic Bros., Inc.
L.P. Transportation, Inc.
Laborers Local 1298 Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund
Laborers Local 146
Laborers Local 17 Training
Laborers Local 60 Training Fund
Landworks of Hudson Valley
Lantier Construction Company
LDC Education and Training/Apprenticeship Fund
Lee Supply Co., Inc.
Liberty Coating Company, LLC
Liberty Sales and Distribution, LLC
Liberty Underground, Inc.
LIUNA Local 731 Training Fund
Lospano Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Lowell Corporation
M & X Utility Company
M. O'Herron Company
M.T. Deason Company, Inc.
Magnolia River
Manetta Enterprises, Inc.
Marlande Heating Corp.
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Utilities
Mass. Municipal Wholesale Electric Co.
Master Plumbers Council of the City of New York
MBW Inc.
McAllen Building & Remodeling Inc.
McCourt Construction Company
McDaniel Technical Services, Inc.
A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.
Mears Construction
MECC Contracting Inc
Methuen Construction Co.
Mid Ohio Pipeline Company
The Middlesex Corporation
Midland Resource Recovery
Midsun Specialty Products, Inc.
Midway Utility Contractors LLC
Millennium Account Services
Miller Bros.
Miller Pipeline LLC
Mirra Company, Inc.
Montauk Services, Inc.
MRC Global
MSR Utility Maintenance
Mueller Company
Mulcare Pipeline Solutions, Inc.
J. Mullen & Sons, Inc.
Murphy Valiant Electric, LLC
The Napp-Grecco Company
National Field Service Corporation
National Fuel Gas Supply Corp.
Network Infrastructure, Inc.
New England Controls, Inc.
New England Laborers Training Trust Fund
New England Utility Constructors. Inc.
New York Independent System Operator
NG Advantage LLC
North American Equipment Upfitters, Inc.
Northeast Gas Markets LLC
Northeast Power Coordinating Council
Northeast Underground
Northstar Industries, LLC
Norton McMurray Manufacturing Co.
Novara GeoSolutions
Thomas Novelli Contracting Corp
NPL Construction Company
NVI, LLC dba Nondestructive & Visual Inspection
OMARK Consultants, Inc.
Omya, Inc.
On Target Utility Services
On-Site Portable Welding, Inc
Over & Under Piping Contractors, Inc.
Oxford Plastics USA
The Paradigm Alliance Inc.
Patrick Engineering
Paulus, Sokolowski & Sartor
PCM Contracting Corp
Peduto Construction Corp
Performance Pipe, CPChem
Perras Excavating, Inc.
Petmar Builders Company
Picarro Inc
Pine Needle LNG Plant
Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc.
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 777 J.A.T.C.
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 21
Posillico Civil Inc.
Powell Controls, Inc.
Power and Construction Group, Inc.
PPI Gas Distribution Inc.
Precision Pipeline Solutions
Prime Electric LLC
Pro Safety Services, LLC
Progressive Pipeline Management
Pro-Tek Locating Inc.

Reed Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Renaissance Global Services, LLC
Restani Construction Corp.
RG Technilab
Riggs Distler and Co., Inc.
Riley Brothers, Inc.
RJ Forbes Painting Contractor, Inc
Rockland Community College Continuing Ed Dept
Romet Limited
RST Training
Rumford Power, Inc.
Russell B Bleakley Plumbing and Heating Inc.
Ryan J's Landscaping, Inc.
Safeway Construction Enterprises, Inc.
Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.
Sargis Associates Inc.
Scadicon Services, Inc.
ScottMadden Management Consultants
Sea-3, Inc.
Selkirk Cogen
Sensit Technologies
SGC Engineering, LLC
Shaun B. Kalba Enterprises, Inc.
Shea Concrete Products, Inc.
Sky Testing Services, Inc.
Southeast Connections LLC
Southern Cross Corp.
Sprague Operating Resources, LLC
Statoil Natural Gas LLC
Step-Mar Contracting Corp.
Steven A. McGee Construction LLC
Storti Quality Services, LLC
Stuart Steel Protection Corp.
Sullivan & Merritt Constructors, Inc.
Sullivan Trail Construction Co. Inc.
Surveys and Analysis, Inc.
Sweetser Welding
Syracuse Utilities Inc.
T & K Harrington, LLC
Team Inc.
Tectonic Engineering & Surveying Consultants, P.C.
Tenaska Marketing Ventures
Thomas P. Stewart Consulting Inc.
Tighe & Bond, Inc.
Titanic Underground Contractors Corp.
Todd Cable Construction
Total Energy Corporation
Toy Pipeline Contractors, Inc.
Trace Management Inc
TransCOR Information Technologies
Transgas Inc.
Trenton Corporation
TRI-MONT Engineering Company
Triumph Construction Corp
Tru-Check, Inc.
TT Technologies, Inc.
Tubis, LLC
Turner Underground Installations, Inc.
U.S. Boiler Co., Inc.
ULC Robotics
Underground Construction Services, LLC
United Civil, Inc.
United Concrete Products Inc.
United Electric Controls
United States Infrastructure Corporation/USIC
University of New Hampshire
Upstate New York Operating Engineers Local 158
Utilitronics Corporation
Utility Line Services, Inc.
Utility Supply Inc.
Vermeer Northeast
Verrill Dana, LLP
Ward Plumbing Corp
Wellington Energy, Inc.
Westchester Community College
Western Construction, Inc.
Whispering Pines Development
R.H. White Construction Co., Inc.
Willbros T&D Services East
Williams Specialty Services
Woodland Pulp, LLC
WRS Environmental Services, Inc.
WSM Construction, Inc.
Xpress Natural Gas